Forms and sizes available

  • Rods: 0.08″ (2.0 mm) < Ø ≤ 0.47″ (12.0 mm)
  • Wires: 0.06″ (1.5 mm) < Ø ≤ 0.63″ (16.0 mm)

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P | Low-alloyed copper for high performance connectors

ISO Composition: CuNiPb1P

UNS/Other designations: C19160

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P key properties

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P is a leaded copper nickel alloy designed for high performance connectors in harsh environments.

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P presents one the best thermal stress relaxation resistance compared to other copper alloys (like brass or copper-beryllium).

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P is perfectly suited for harsh environments presenting both high temperature as well as high mechanical solicitation.

Connectors made of C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P are more likely to maintain their mechanical properties under elevated temperatures.

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P also exhibits an excellent resistance to fatigue and strength.

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P applications

 Connectors for Aerospace and Automotive industries

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P high resistance to thermal stress relaxation makes it a first-choice material for female contact body in circular or RF connectors.

Connectors for medical devices

Connectors in medical environments undergo repeated mechanical solicitations.

C97® | C19160 | CuNiPb1P is suitable for female contact body for specific connectors used in medical devices.