LBA North America is your service provider for materials marketed by Lebronze alloys Group.

We complement services provided by our historical partners and distributors, adding both new materials as well as unique services. We serve North America as the core market; however if it makes sense to do so, will support other market needs also. Let’s connect and find the best solution for you!

What we can do for you:

  • As a distribution center, we can provide quantities to match your needs – independent of the mill MOQs
  • We can deliver under contract delivering open orders according to pre-established schedule; managing dedicated buffer or safety stocks and ensuring availability of products in 48 hours according to call off contracts
  • We can also meet your needs based on individual Purchase Orders to meet a specific need
  • We offer custom shape & material characteristics for specific requirements through services including rolling, slitting, annealing thanks to local processing by Vista Metals (rolled products) and other qualified local transformers and machining shops
  • We stock and distribute machined components made to customer’s specifications
  • Define and sample materials and engineered parts for your application; in particularly demanding cases, we can develop new custom alloys with unique properties to meet the application
  • Provide first class technical and logistical support
  • Prepare, label and package products according to your specifications
  • Guarantee origin, certificates and traceability of our products and the metals used to make them
  • Pricing based on spot purchase or can offer fixed prices over a period of time under contract