Lebronze alloys North America is a dedicated in-house distribution facility, supplying Lebronze alloys' high-performance products

Lebronze alloys North America is focused on meeting low volume local market needs with local service

The activity of Lebronze alloys North America completes and supports the Group's worldwide network of nominated Partner Distributors

Our stocked key products include many proprietary alloys such as Hardiall®, K5, K7, NS30, B98, C97®


Lebronze alloys Group is a world leader in the development and fully integrated production of high-performance specialty copper and nickel alloys.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary know-how, the Group provides innovative solutions to all major industries such as Aeronautics, Electronics, Space, Automotive, Energy, among others.

The Group’s commitment is to find appropriate and optimized solutions for every sector’s requirements.

Our Group is organized around 3 Business Units:

Bars and Design
Expertise in the manufacture of bars, hollow bars, and tubes. Forging, machining and finishing of technical components from small intricate to very large parts.
Rolled products and Arcap®
Worldwide reference for the conception and production of strips and sheets in high performance copper and nickel alloys.
Rods and Wires
Specialized in high volume production of small and complex rods and wires in specialty copper alloys.
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High Performance Bars & Specials

  • Leader in semi-finished products in rods, bars, hollow bars in high performance copper alloys and in resistance welding electrodes.
  • Key alloys : Hardiall®, Aluminium bronzes, Copper nickel grades and Copper chromium, etc..

Rods & Wires

  • Specialized in high volume production of small and complex rods and wires in specialty copper alloys.
  • Key alloys : leaded and unleaded brasses, bronzes, dual nickel silvers, C97®, C98®, etc…

Rolled Products & ARCAP®

  • Worldwide reference in conception and production of rolled products, rods and wires in high performance copper and nickel alloys.
  • Key alloys : ARCAP®, Monel alloy 400, Niclafor®, Pure nickel, etc…

Blanks & Customized products

  • Expertise in forging, machining and finishing of technical components from small intricate to very large parts. 
  • Key alloys capabilities : copper alloys, nickel alloys, aluminium alloys, specialty steels, stainless steels.

Lebronze alloys’ production chain is fully integrated, guaranteeing complete traceability and improved responsiveness.

Our 6 production facilities and 750 employees manage a unique range of metal processing technologies:

  • continuous and semi-continuous casting
  • extrusion
  • hot and cold rolling
  • drawing
  • open-die forging
  • hot stamping
  • closed-die forging
  • cold forming
  • machining
  • non-destructive testing etc.

We are a major decarbonation player for many industries.

We continually strive to reduce our carbon footprint and our products are key for decarbonation applications in our customers’ industries.

Our Group is committed to respecting and protecting the environment and biodiversity in its industrial and logistics operations, in particular through:

  • the optimal use of metals to reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • the recovery of rejects and waste materials
  • the prevention of pollution of all kinds and the reduction of water use
  • the optimization of energy consumption to reduce CO2 emissions

Striking the right balance between economic performance, social impact and environmental impact is essential to the sustainability of a company.

Lebronze alloys’ sustainable development policy is based on 6 key pillars “B.R.O.N.Z.E”.

Each pillars is broken down into actions and indicators that enable Lebronze alloys to be part of a dynamic of continuous progress, with the aim of having a positive long-term impact within its ecosystem.

  • Build together: this pillar covers social initiatives that have a positive impact on gender, sex and age equality, as well as projects that
    improve the well-being of our teams at work.
  • Responsible purchase: purchases represent more than 50% of Group sales. It is therefore essential that we implement a responsible
    purchasing policy and tighten up our requirements of our suppliers.
  • Optimized performance: economic, industrial and environmental performance is a key factor in meeting the expectations of our relevant stakeholders.
  • Net zero carbon footprint: taking into account the major challenge of decarbonation, we have decided to make this a specific pillar and to build a path that meets the transformation of the Climate Act and the Paris Agreement.
  • Zero accidents: we are taking action to anticipate and reduce the risk of accidents as far as possible.
  • Eco solutions: by working in collaboration  with our customers and bringing innovations to the market, we are contributing to a more sustainable approach by improving the life cycle of products.